About us

What is Original Training?

Functional fitness is not something new, it is just a mix of many different sports. We believe in the science that already exist but with a new touch on it to keep it fun. We train like the original athletes.
The Original Athlete program comes in two different versions, the basic and the advanced. The basic version is for you who have something called “life” that comes in between sometimes and don’t really have time to spend hour after hour in the gym. The advanced version is for you who like to spend time in the gym, maximize your performance and can handle high volume training.

Alexander elebro lifting weights

Who is behind the program?

The founder and programmer is Alexander Elebro with three times team Crossfit Games appearances and multiple years of experience in the sport, Both as coach and athlete himself.

The idea behind Original Training?

The name is based on what we believe is the right way to train in our sport. Why should we change a concept that is proven to work? Athletes have already shown how to run fast, lift heavy and be athletic. We try to keep this way of training, mix it up a bit to fit into our sport and of course have fun! The most important part in our belief is to have fun and train together. This will for sure push you to the next level.