CrossFit At Home

With people being asked to stay at home and many boxes around the world closing their doors to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the community has come together to offer at home CrossFit workouts to those who can’t (or won’t) train in their boxes as usual.

With the new restrictions does also come new possibilities. Just because the gym is closed you don’t have to put your training aside completely. Home workouts can be challenging everyone, no matter if you’re a beginner or experienced athlete. Even the best CrossFit Games athletes does home workouts to stay fit during quarantine.

What Can CrossFit Home Workouts Do For You?

Throwing around heavy weights is something you might have to put aside for some time now but as a crossfit athlete there are so much more to improve on. If you’re like most crossfit athletes, you spend most of your time weightlifting relative to other types of exercising. See this as an opportunity to spend time on other areas of your training.

Conditioning is one of the most crucial things to work on within crossfit training. Burpees, box jumps, running and other no equipment exercises are still doable during quarantine to keep your conditioning level high.

By doing many repetitions of an exercise such as air squats, lunges or push ups you can train and build your lactic acid tolerance and this is easy to train at home.

Saving time not having to drive to the gym is something that is beneficial in these times. Also, keeping yourself busy with something through boring self isolation does not only improves your fitness but also your mood and overall well being.

Are you one of those athletes usually rushing the warm ups and mobility training when at the gym because you’re eager to start your main workout? And you might feel stressed because warm ups and mobility takes a lot of time. I think most of us recognize this problem. Well, this is a perfect time to start involving more of this into your training. Improving your mobility will make it easier for you to get into better positions when getting back into the gym doing a snatch or other movements. Warming up and doing mobility will prevent unforeseen injuries and can rehab any ongoing aches. If you’re dealing with some kind of injury now, shoulders, knees or whatever, make sure to seize this time to heal and come back stronger than ever when you’re able to get back to the box.

Skill work is also perfect to implement into your home training. You will have lots of time to practice handstand walks, double unders, pistols or whatever you feel you can improve.


I know you might eager to come back to normal routines and get back to the gym but there is uncertain and odd times and we have to do the best with what we’ve got. There are so many possibilities to improve as an athlete even in quarantine times. See this as an opportunity to conquer areas of your training you’re not often spend time on.

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Published: november 24, 2020